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Central Fume Extraction System


  • 1.5 HP Fan set to produce 900 CFM at 8” W.C.
  • 6” x 4m (13.12’) articulated arm (other sizes available)
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Self supporting joints and flexible hoses for easy placement with smooth bore tubing for unimpeded air movement

EI – Central Wet Mix Dust Collector

  •  5, 10 & 20HP regenerative motors are available depending on your needs.
  • Electrical control panel, automatic water level control system, and automatic hydrogen relief valve.  Includes magnetic starter, overload protection with panel mounted stop/start and remote stop/start capability.
  • Vacuum relief valve mounted between the separator & pump.
  • Wet scrubber, fabricated from 12 gauge steel which is epoxy powder coat painted and treated with zinc oxide and rust inhibitor. (Optional upgrade to stainless steel).
  • Automatic water level control system via an ultra sonic probe situated in a reservoir of “quiet” water.
  • Manual drain valve located at the bottom of the separator.
  • Initial stainless steel venturi entry for deep penetration into the water, secondary baffles to completely mix the dust particulate with the water. Final stainless steel mist eliminator.
  • Site glass to visually check the water level.
  • Relief valve set to automatically open when system is shut down for exhausting hydrogen gas build-up in an aluminum application.

EII – Wet Mix Dust Collector

PART # SYS-050-18300300

  • Wet mix dust collector, fabricated from 14 gauge stainless steel which is then thermoset powder coat painted.
  • Automatic low water shut down sensor which prevents the unit from operating if water is not set at proper levels.
  • Site glass to visually check the water level.
  • Manual water level system whereby the customer fills the unit with more water when the water level reaches mark on the site glass.
  • Manual drain valve located at the bottom of the separator.
  • Initial stainless steel venturi entry for deep penetration into the water, secondary baffles to completely mix the dust particulate with the water whereby no after dry/hepa filter is required.
  • A time delay switch is provided to prevent the start of the dust-producing process (sanding tools) until the collector is in complete operation.
  • An off delay time switch is provided which allows the system to run for a set amount of time once the sanding has stopped. This ensures all dust in the hose reaches the collector.
  • System includes (2) 25’ lightweight anti-static hose with attached airline

*Patent Pending

Portable Fume Extraction System – “Box Air”

PART # SYS-070-45006100

  • 700 CFM @ Hood
  • Spark Trap
  • Large Wheels
  • Cartridge Filter
  • Single phase operation
  • Arm Diameter: 6”
  • Arm Length: 7

Portable Fume Extraction System – “Rollout”

PART # SYS-070-45106100

  • 1 HP Fan set to produce 700 CFM at 8” W.C.
  • Three stage high end filtration; aluminum mesh pre-filter which protects the cartridge filter from sparks and prefilters the air, followed by a spun bond polyester cartridge filter, and a final carbon after filter.
  • Manual compressed air pulse jet cleaning.


Since the introduction of the Eurovac Mark I, leading Body Shops have enjoyed all the benefits of dust-free working conditions ... and saved money at the same time!

You don't have to work in a dusty shop! Install a Eurovac Dust Extraction System, and its powerful turbine pump and cyclone will remove virtually all sanding dust at the source, ensuring that your shop maintains a clean, healthy work environment.

You'll reduce the chance of dust contaminating your painting area, and cut the time and expense of labor spent on clean-up. And because sandpaper is kept free from dust, it lasts longer – and that's another saving!

To meet the diverse needs of the Auto Collision & Repair industry, Eurovac has a solution for virtually every application and budget. From an economical Portable System to a powerful 75HP Eurovac III Central System.

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