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For vehicle measuring systems, vehicle diagnostic systems, and vehicle lifts, trust Cleveland Spray Booth to supply your shop with the best hardware systems in the industry. As a Spanesi distributor, we feature the Spanesi 106 Multibench, the only frame puller system that provides upward jig movements. It has positionable crossbars for the jig, made possible by a rack and pinion system. With its 11,000 pound lifting capacity, six meter platform, and lifting height of 61 inches, the 106 Multibench represents the cutting edge of frame straightening in the industry.

We also feature the Spanesi Pista system, which is a dedicated fixture bench with a built-in multiple pulling system. It also supports 11,000 pounds of lifting capacity, and 61 inches of lifting height. With unrestricted location of pulling towers that run completely around the bench, it offers tremendous versatility while taking up minimal space.

Spanesi’s universal TOUCH Measuring System is able to measure any vehicle on any bench, rack, or lift. It can also measure a vehicle on the floor. It is fast to set up and lock to the floor. It occupies minimal floor space, and adds a level of efficiency to any shop operation. With this vehicle measuring system, a database of information can be created as it takes the vehicle's measurements. Measure and diagnose a damaged vehicle in a matter of minutes, then carry out repairs on any bench while visualizing repairs in real time.

Cleveland Spray Booth is your industry source for vehicle lifts, vehicle diagnostic systems, and vehicle measuring systems.

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